Brand Principles

We’re guided by a unique set of principles to ensure our values shine through in the way we work.

Only livable homes

Better homes for buyers and better sales outcomes for our clients. We hold developers to higher standards because we know in the end it serves both parties.

An open book

We put relationships at the heart of our business. Relationships that can only thrive through trust. It’s why we’re completely transparent along every step of the way: from developers through to buyers.

Hanging up our ties

There’s a lot to be said for a suit and tie, but we know it’s not what’s going to find you the right home. It’s why we focus more on listening to what you want, and less on our dry-cleaning rotations.

On the same page

Ultimately everyone should be winning. We ensure best interests are aligned. Supply and demand is simple; we know you want quality new homes, and our developer partners understand that.

Co-writing your next chapter

Getting to know you, means better understanding your wants and needs. So, when it comes to finding you the property we’re able to introduce the right ones that fit your lifestyle.

Our Services

Developer Services


We identify site opportunities, understand feasibility studies, and drive acquisitions.


We have the experience needed to guide the dwelling-mix of projects based on site and market prospects.

Pricing Strategy

We’ve constantly got an eye on the market. We know what’s sold where, and for how much, which means we’re confident in achieving the highest possible.

Design Advice

We’re engaged in architecture and interiors, with an understanding of placemaking and town planning.


We work with agencies to create the right marketing tools to help aid buyers in their decisions for better conversion success.


We understand projects only turn dirt once pre-sale quotas have been met. We’re no strangers to the art of selling and see this as our most vital contribution to the project.


We understand the importance of a happy buyer and seamless settlement, so we ensure after sales care is a part of the process not an afterthought.

Buyer Services


We know how important it is to find a home that suits your needs now and into the future. It’s why we work to understand who you are and what you want your next chapter to be.

Painting a picture

We can’t do physical walk-throughs, but we can help paint a picture of what’s on paper and how it comes to life as a home.


We know you’re not just buying a home, but also buying into a community – our deep understanding of local amenity and other purchasers helps you get acquainted with your neighbourhood and your neighbours.

Team access

We only represent project teams we believe in, so you can too. And it’s why we only partner with developers, architects, and builders with a trusted and solid track record.


We’re with you through to move-in – with an understanding of both design expectations and your expectations, we personally assess each new build to make sure it’s been delivered to a standard we’re proud of so you can be too.

Brand Principles